imageHere at Jolly Lovely we are always looking to create something different and this is the place to find the new and the original.

We love knitting, sewing, crocheting and painting and use our creative and quirky style to put new life into the unloved.

At Jolly Lovely we get a buzz out of putting unusual fabrics in unusual places and on this website you will find numerous examples of our unconventional style.  Look out for retro chairs upholstered in shower curtains and vintage towels turned into smashing cushions!

imageOur particular love of pure wool has lead to a range of “Woolly Pully Products”, you will find super soft hotwater bottle covers made from recycled cashmere jumpers and see Grandpa’s Aran sweater adorning a lampshade. The ideas keep on coming so keep checking into the website to see what hair-brained idea we’ll come up with next!